Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Beautiful Life Taken

This is Kathryn, or KD as she was known to her friends and family. The picture above was taken just a few months prior to her passing, at her sons first day of pre-school, just a 1/4 mile from the scene of the wreck that took her life . She was a loving wife and mother, dedicated to her family, and working hard towards owning a business of her own. She was a wonderfully talented young woman, who I could have easily seen opening up her own cake and candies shoppe here in Paradise, ca.
The close nit family was ripped apart and their hearts broken when we learned of her death on Oct 26, 2006 @ 2:38pm ( our knowledge of it came at 5:30pm), during a high-speed chase of a wanted man, high on meth.
There has been no justice for her, her husband or her then 4 year old son .
The following pictures are of the truck the wanted man was driving... after the wreck. They are of the rear bumper, rear passenger-side corner, and one of the full truck. Kathryn's truck was in the exact same condition, though I could not stand in that room any longer or bare to take any pictures of it.
These were taken at Skyway Towing, after the approximate 2 week investigation, when the M.A.I.T. team had released the vehicles back to the families. They were side by side in the bay.. a very hard thing to walk in and see.
But even harder still, and more disturbing was what we saw on the rear of Tinnels' bumper... the apparent "PIT Maneuver" damage left behind by the Deputy's vehicle... you be the judge.
God knows the truth, and all those involved that day will have to answer to Him in the end for their roles. I'm not yet to the point of preying for mercy for their soles... maybe one day, but not yet. The hurt is too raw and fresh, the betrayal of the County Courts and it's Deputies & Officers of the PPD still too painful to forgive at this time. The truth from just a few officers would've been all it took... yet they did and said nothing. They chose to "Protect" their own brothers in blue and "Serve" only their Department's best interests, instead of just simply telling the truth of what happened that afternoon.
Not even the meth heads girlfriend, who was knowingly and willingly transporting a wanted person, was charged with anything or ever had even a single court date in connection with this tragedy. She aided and abetted him, she drove him to safety just 10 days prior to this wreck after liying to a Paradise Officer about who he was in another high speed chase through Paradise, (more aiding /abetting) ...

No justice, no day in court for the girlfriend, or Deptuties and Officers invovled to explain exactely what happened that day and why..... Why?! Why...

Also : Link to the Youtube submission by Paradise Post, of the dash cam video of the chase: